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Our goal is to be Proactive and Responsive to our clients needs. Effective communication allows us to be more responsive to all our clients while addressing your specific needs in a more timely and effective manner. The following links are specifically designed to enable us to work more effectively together. Thank You for taking the initiative to making our professional relationship a success!

Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Appointment

For existing and prospective clients only

Brief 15 Minute Phone Appointment - (Complimentary)
Let's Avoid Telephone Tag -- Schedule a brief call at a time that is convenient for you.
Please provide details about your specific request so we can be better prepared to respond to you in one call!

Client Review - Tax Returns

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Annual Tax Appointment - Finalize Your Tax Return
(all documents, including the tax organizer, should be submitted
via the client portal at least 10 days prior to your Tax Appointment)

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Your Tax Appointment

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Emergency Tax Relief
Bank Levy, Tax Lien, Wage Garnishment Order, Audit Notice

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Schedule EMERGENCY Help
If you have tax problems with the IRS or the CA/FTB that require immediate relief,
use the above link to book a complimentary 30 Minute Emergency Tax Relief Call to Explore your Options.
Know someone with Tax Problems -- Refer them to Us